Rifle Marksmanship

Training With Central Virginia Tactical

I will publish more to this page about my outstanding results with Mr. Vern Harrison of Central Virginia Tactical, but would like to say now that I am extremely pleased with my experiences with Vern.

As a lifelong shooter myself, with more than forty years of trigger work behind me in hunting, competition and just shooting, it would have been hard for me to imagine just how much I still don't know. My time with Vern has been a huge help to my long range shooting skills and especially my understanding of the wind and it's nuances. I would whole-heartedly recommend Vern to anyone who is serious about learning to shoot a rifle well. I don't know where marksmanship time and money would be better invested.

I had condensed and formatted my "wind indicator" notes taken during Vern's long range precision rifle classes, and until Vern can have them refined and published to his own website, they are available here.

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